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Hair dryer

Brand: pisonic Model: استشوار
Bisonic hair dryer and meet 450 FahrenheitSelf-curling evil2 year guaranteeElectrifying 220..
Brand: pisonic Model: استشوار
Bisonic thermal hair dryerTemperature: 420 degrees FahrenheitSize: MiniVery quiet and silent2 year guaranteeElectrifying 220..
Brand: pisonic Model: استشوار
Bisonic Pro Hair Dryer with Ions1200 watts3 colorsGolden blackPurplegrey2 year guarantee..
Brand: pisonic Model: استشوار
Bleach curls for curly 480 fahrenheitTemperature controlIt works with infrared rays and in different directions for curling and curling hair2 year guaranteeThe maximum temperature is 480 degrees and the minimum temperature is 380 degreesElectrifying 220..
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